Matthew Britt, CEC

Credentials: Instructor

Currently teaching: Contemporary Casual Concepts

I am changing the way the world eats: by celebrating the beauty and benefits of foods that some people discard. Through cultural exploration, I transform what others see as misshapen, blemished, or imperfect into something delicious.

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Thomas "TJ" Delle Donne '04, '07, CEC

Credentials: Assistant Dean of Culinary Relations & Special Projects; Associate Instructor

Currently teaching: Conscious Cuisine

I am changing the way the world eats: through education that inspires future chefs and foodservice professionals to consider sustainable practices that will benefit generations to come.

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Cindy Ferron, CEPC

Credentials: Certified Executive Pastry Chef®; Associate Professor

Currently teaching: Designing Healthy Desserts

I am changing the way the world eats: by exploring substitution solutions to replace fat, sugar, hydrogenated oils and other ingredients that have potentially damaging impacts.

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Dean Lavornia, CEPC  

Credentials: Certified Executive Pastry Chef®, Department Chair, Baking & Pastry Arts; Associate Professor

Currently teaching: Advanced Pastry

I am changing the way the world eats: by creating more nutrient dense breads and pastries that satiate consumer desire for carbohydrates with a more healthful balance of ingredients.

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Branden J. Lewis '04, '06, CEC

Credentials: Certified Executive Chef®; Assistant Professor

Currently teaching: Plant-based Cuisine

I am changing the way the world eats: by sharing my passion for plant-based cuisine and commitment to the sustainable food movement with my students, and being a master of social media to convey the message.

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Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD, CSCS

Credentials: Registered Dietitian; Licensed Dietitian; Assistant Professor

Currently teaching: Athletic Performance Cuisine

I am changing the way the world eats: by demonstrating on NBC10, Providence, RI, healthy, nutritious and easy-to-replicate recipes for the home cook, and teaching my students how to fuel the athlete.

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Todd Seyfarth '01, RD, CSSD

Credentials: Department Chair, Culinary Nutrition; Registered Dietitian; Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics; Associate Professor

Currently teaching: Life Span Nutrition

I am changing the way the world eats: by targeting the key discrepancy of good health – making food that is good for you – taste good. As an educator, I combine my skills as a chef with the evidence-based field of nutrition everyday. It doesn’t matter how healthy something is if you can’t get people to eat it.

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Rollie Wesen '14

Credentials: Assistant Professor

Currently teaching: Conscious Cuisine, Science of Cooking and Sensory Analysis, Cooking in the Global Marketplace, Classic Cuisines of France and Italy

I am changing the way the world eats: by introducing students and the public to critical issues of food sustainability. Good stewardship of the environment and good health through nutrition come together in foods that are whole, fresh and built on natural flavors.

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