Which type of yogurt are you?

By  Chef Jonathan Poyourow, '03, RD, LD, CSCS
February 2019

Is yogurt on your grocery list? When you get to the refrigerated section of the market – do you find yourself scanning the shelves, confused or mesmerized by the varieties of brands, packaging, and flavors? Chef Jonathan Poyourow '03, RD, LD, CSCS, associate professor in the College of Culinary Arts, shares his expertise on yogurt selection. Read more.

Skills Lead to Jobs

By   Chef Rollie Wesen '14
April 2017

Nothing changes the way the world eats like teaching someone how to cook. That's one of the reasons I volunteer at the  Rhode Island Food Bank Community Kitchen  regularly as part of their culinary arts training program. While the Food Bank’s mission is to reduce hunger, the Community Kitchen teaches cooking skills to economically disadvantaged adults who are willing to work, but lack skills needed to enter the workforce. Read more.

Power Your Performance

By  Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD, CSCS
September 2015

As a sports dietician at Johnson & Wales University, I get questions all the time about how athletes should eat. I teach students simple ways to get calories, carbohydrates and protein that athletes need throughout the day into food. Read more.

Substitution Solutions for Baked Goods

By   Chef Cindy Ferron, CEPC
September 2015

As a certified pastry chef and faculty member with JWU, I'm often asked by nonprofessionals about gluten-free baking. Almost always, the conversation opens with a grumble about someone's attempt that ended with dry or flavorless results. Gluten-free baking is an area that I focus on in my Designing Healthy Desserts class. Read more.