It's not Leftovers. It's lunch.

By Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
September 2015

When summer turns into fall, my family and I look forward to seasonal traditions including hayrides, pumpkin picking, football, lightweight jackets, and back-to-school lunches. With two young children and two full-time jobs, my wife, a registered nurse, and I have adopted a can-do lifestyle that requires an extra amount of planning. But the yield is so rewarding.

At home, I plan our meals in advance, frequently cooking enough for several meals. What some might call leftovers, we call lunch. Take chicken, for example – don't we all? Roast two chickens instead of one (or yes, pick them up at the grocery store already cooked, but without the extra barbecue sauce, honey, Italian dressing or other enhancements). Carve the meat and set it aside so that you can have a tasty hot or cold lunch during the week. With a few additional ingredients, both the kids and my wife have a satisfying meal to go.

When I'm making a chicken salad, I add some high-fiber pasta. Compliment it with vegetables, and you have a filling and vitamin-rich meal to go. To vary the flavor profile, I'll make a curry for the leftover chicken. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and paprika all are known for their anti-inflammatory ant antioxidant properties. Add a slice of avocado to the plate for some heart-healthy fat and lunch is served.

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