Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

Lifestyle Medicine Symposium Offers Healthy Recipe to Healthcare Pros

By JWU Media Relations
May 2018

Prevention is the best medicine. When healthy eating is part of everyday choices, individuals can prevent diseases such as inflammation, diabetes, and cancer from developing into medical issues that require treatment. Healthcare professionals know this, but few can prescribe the recipe to their patients. Read more.

Baking is an "Egg-zact" Science

By   Chef Cindy Ferron, CEPC
April 2017

Baking for health and wellness can be a challenge. I want to help boost your confidence in preparing healthier desserts and baked goods. I'm going to share some of the tips chefs use from our understanding of science and practical techniques. Read more.

Hearty Soups and Stews for the Cold Season

By   Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
December 2015

As the weather gets brisk and snow begins to fall, we look for ways to stay warm—from bundling up in hats and gloves to staying inside by the fire. Most people think of soups as home remedies for colds and illness but they can be so much more. Read more.

Healthy Holiday Recipes for Family and Friends

By  Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
November 2015

When the holidays are upon us, so are our family and friends, food issues and all. Some of my family members have high blood pressure, cardiac disease, or diabetes. I also have family and friends who are vegetarians. I show my appreciation and thanks for them by creating foods that are full of flavor and nutrition, yet tailored to their specific dietary needs. It might take more work and more time, but they're worth it. Read more.

Spice Adds Flavor and Healthy Benefits

By   Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
November 2015

What's in your medicine cabinet? Cinnamon? Ginger? Tumeric? Wait….did I mean to say, what's in your spice rack? Read more.

Fun Fall Recipes for Kids

By   Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
October 2015

I'm one of many who can call Southern New England home. As autumn arrives, the temperatures may be hot one day, chilly the next and the leaves on the trees transform into brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red. But the most-reliable sign that fall is here is, unfortunately, the amount of candy displays that spring up in supermarkets, drug stores, and on TV ads. Read more.

Start the Day Right

By   Chef Bill Idell '89
September 2015

It's the start of another day, and you are resolved to eat healthy, but you are craving pancakes. You can have your pancake and eat it too. Read more.

It's not Leftovers. It's lunch.

By   Chef Jonathan R. Poyourow '03, RD, LD
September 2015

When summer turns into fall, my family and I look forward to seasonal traditions including hayrides, pumpkin picking, football, lightweight jackets, and back-to-school lunches. With two young children and two full-time jobs, my wife, a registered nurse, and I have adopted a can-do lifestyle that requires an extra amount of planning. But the yield is so rewarding. Read more.

Fiber + Antioxidants = Good Health

By   Chef Todd Seyfarth, RD, CSSD
September 2015

The recipe for good health is exercise, stress management, plenty of sleep, and of course, food, especially food rich in fiber and antioxidants. A blend of foods with different antioxidants can help everyone maintain a healthy body weight as well as address health problems. Read more.